You watch or you die: Where to catch ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday

No need to be sad, you don't have to miss Game of Thrones if you don't have a TV
No need to be sad, you don’t have to miss Game of Thrones if you don’t have a TV

So winter is no longer coming, with more promising forecasts are on their way. One thing that should be on your cultural relevance radar though is the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere this Sunday. And whether you are a Lanister lover, Stark supporter, Dinklage devotee, or just want to creep on that fine ass piece of dragon tail, Khaleesi — you along with the majority of people will be tuning in Sunday at 9pm to see the debut. Oh, but is there a looming Northern Wall that is getting in way? Say, no TV? We’ve got you covered with a list of places that will be showing the premiere in true Iron Throne style. (UPDATE: Please check individual locations before going in case HBO has shut down the screenings.)

308 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

UPDATE: HBO HAS ASKED VIDEOLOGY TO STOP SHOWING GAME OF THRONES. AS OF 4/19/2015, IT WILL NO LONGER BE SHOWN AT THE BAR. Aimed to cater to the true enthusiasts, Videology is making it a night to remember with a very special GoT pre-show stacked with Dothraki language lessons, interviews with the GoT writers, and a season 4 recap to refresh your memory (like you need it!). RSVP is required for the pre-show starting at 8PM, but the $12 ticket will secure a spot AND GoT-themed Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale AND either a serving of Bear and Moose Chili or Vegetarian Chips with Corn and Tomato Salsa. Door tickets are free with first come first serve, but with this consistently selling out I would get there as early as possible.

The Bedford
110 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

The Bedford takes an allegiance to Sunday night television and will be showing GoT in the back bar via big screen. Dinner menu is bit on the pricey end so make sure to eat before unless you channel Littlefinger, master of coin and have the means to drop $23 on a pork shank.

406 3rd Ave, Gowanus

Snuggled on the corner of 6th St and 3rd Ave in Gowanas, Halyards will be testing your knowledge with GoT trivia starting at 8pm followed by the season premiere. Toast to Eunuch spymasters with special GoT $8 cocktails that include: Fire and Ice (Whiskey, Jalapeno, Agave, and Blood Orange Juice), White Walker (Vodka, Cointrea, Lemon juice, Simple Syrup), Remember the Wedding (Tequila, Orange Juice, Blood Orange Juice), and Lady Arya (Gin, Lemonade, Cucumber, Cayenne Pepper). Study hard before if you intend on going to trivia, word on cobble stone is that it’s pretty in-depth.

Greenpoint Heights
278 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint

Northern Brooklynites can take refuge at Greenpoint Heights for the premiere at 10pm. This would be our Winterfell option,  as it’s a larger venue with room to breathe, and also another bar featuring the GoT-themed Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale, going for $7 per goblet.

Huckleberry Bar
588 Grand St, Williamsburg

Home to one of the better screening venues in Brooklyn, full wall projections will put you right in the middle of the goriest and incestuous scenes GoT has to offer. They will also be offering a show-themed punch as well, entitled Cod Keith Crush ($10-$13)

Soda Bar
629 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights

Downtown peeps get to play a role in fandom with their local pub, Soda Bar. Priorities are set first for Mad Men at 10pm but after 11pm they will debut the Seven Kingdoms in all its glory.

Professor Thoms
219 2nd Ave, East Village

So in the unfortunate event that you become bound to Manhattan, otherwise known as the overrated King’s Landing, fear not we got a place for you. But going to be honest, Professor Thoms is no fool’s game. Their pre-party consists of a 3 hour open bar, raffle ticket for amazing prizes, entry into the costume contest and guaranteed entry for the screening for $45. With a slew of themed cocktails that will make Jon Snow less of a prudent lil bitch, this may be the only reason to stay in the city.


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