Party with a vengeance at Don Pedro’s Saturday Revenge party

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The Artist Formerly Known as Vince rock the Saturday Revenge Party at Don Pedro. via Facebook

Do you like rock and roll? How about spectacle? Getting covered in toilet paper and confetti? Me too! It’s a good time to be a fan of local rock and roll, tacos, and the weird.

For those that want to get their dance on, listen to some local (and not so local) rock and maybe get caught in a toilet paper twister, the second Saturday of every month is The Saturday Revenge at Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Avenue, Bushwick). You’l get five bands for five bucks, burritos, skeeball cheap beer and more. And oh hey look at that, the second Saturday of this month is tomorrow.
The concept of the Saturday Revenge Party is that instead of checking out your friend’s band and then heading out to a party, the show should be the party. So organizers Gregory Hanson, of The Mad Doctors, and Matt Hendershot, of The End Men, include things like projections, acts that include side show performances, belly dancing and live art. The Saturday Revenge makes sure to pack Don Pedro with good people, a chill vibe, cheap drinks and dancing.

A mere five dollars gets you five bands, which just makes sense economically. These bands won’t let you do the ever classic stand and nod thing though, moshing is encouraged. Bklyn Burro has a pop up in the back and sells tacos for $4 and burritos for $10. You can also keep yourself entertained and hydrated with a free skeeball tournament that can win you free beer. Though if you’re showing off your skills for someone you’re trying to impress, you should just give them the beer if you win.

The next revenge is this Saturday, so you can see what it’s all about. Doors are 7pm, skeeball tournament starts at 8pm and happy hour goes to 9pm.


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