Party with free pizza and free whiskey shots tonight

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Celebrate it. Photo by Deena Atkinson

As you know, it takes a lot for us to recommend you go somewhere in Manhattan. Not that Manhattan is so bad, but it’s all the way over there and you’re over here. Tonight though, we have a pretty good reason for you to party in Manhattan tonight though: free pizza slices and free whiskey shots, in celebration of everyone’s good friend, pizza.

So technically it’s not a celebration of just pizza the food, rather it’s a party being thrown by @dollarpizzaslicenyc, an Instagram account devoted to reviewing every single $1 slice of pizza in New York City. The journey has reached the one year mark, so to celebrate, @dollarpizzaslicenyc is throwing a party at Arlene’s Grocery (95 Stanton Street) at 6pm. To aid in the celebration, there’s going to be free slices from dollar slice joints and free shots of Jack Daniels (which is maybe the dollar slice of whiskey).

Seeing as how we’ve done that in Brooklyn, we salute the effort, but if we’re being totally honest we mostly salute the charitable gesture of giving out free whiskey and pizza to all comers. Make sure you get there early, before all the pizza and whiskey is gone, because man what a regret that would be.

[h/t The Skint]

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