Park Slope block haunted by mysterious pee and poo sidewalk dumper

A desperate solution, but a solution nonetheless. via Flickr user Kennedy Library
A desperate solution, but a solution nonetheless. via Flickr user Kennedy Library

It’s pretty well-established in most of Brooklyn: pee and poop go in the toilet. A diaper is also acceptable, but that diaper goes in the trash. We all agree on that. Except for someone in Park Slope, who’s leaving piss and shit up and down 17th Street, leaving residents of the block with the job of having to clean it all up.¬†Those public bathrooms for dogs are looking more and more reasonable by the day.

DNA Info reports that residents of 17th Street and Sixth Avenue¬†are being forced to put up with someone leaving out piles, buckets and garbage bins full of piss, shit and feminine hygiene products. While residents say that the problem has been happening on and off for four years, the last four months have seen 15 incidents intentionally ignoring the miracle of modern plumbing, including “a stew” of waste left at the base of three sycamore trees and a five gallon bucket full of human shit.

At the moment, there’s just one resident of the block taking it on herself to clean the mess up, while describing the block as smelling like “a pissoir.” Neighbors told the site they suspect a single couple is responsible for fouling up the block, but like the Fort Greene’s rogue dumper of garbage bags of pee down the garbage chute, no suspect has been identified yet. Although we have to wonder if these people know each other, which somehow seems preferable to the coincidence of two neighborhoods mysteriously being polluted by human waste.


  1. This is no mystery! We have the culprits on video! The City of New York is doing nothing to alleve this disgusting problem. We’ve had NYPD detectives tell us there’s nothing we can do because technically there’s no outright law against their toxic activity. My boyfriend & I reside in the same building as the offenders & have seen them carrying trash & buckets, dumping them in other people’s garbage bins outside. Even the landlord told us their toilet was having a problem for awhile. The landlord knows they’re shitting in buckets!! He knows because the tenant in this illegal basement unit is his son! His son who openly threatens him with violence. Anyway, this story goes way deeper than what I’m getting into now. All I want to really express is WHY IS NO ONE HELPING US?? Not the cops, not the department of sanitation, no one from 311 or the buildings department.

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