Park Slope man builds public bathrooms for dogs, returns weirdness to neighborhood

Brokeklyn-Brooklyn-Park Slope-Dogs-Doggie Spots
He’ll let you pet him once he relieves his bladder. Image via Flickr user Anthony Fine

Man, remember when we talked about how Park Slope was maybe losing its mojo earlier this year? Looks like we can take some of that back at least, because a Park Slope resident tired of yelling at his neighbors about their dogs has gone out of his way to put homemade dog bathrooms on his block.According to the New York Post, these personal bathrooms for dogs are essentially “kiddie pools or plastic saucer sleds that he fills with gravel and soil and then plants with sod.” Oh Park Slope, why did we ever doubt you? 

Jon Crow, 57, lives in Park Slope and told the Post he was sick and tired of dogs peeing on his trees and flowers and sick of yelling at dog walkers letting it happen. So, to avoid being beaten up by the hardcore, take no guff dog owners of Park Slope, Crow built the dog bathrooms he’s calling “doggie spots” and put them around the neighborhood. He even keeps maintenance on the doggy bathrooms by mowing the grass and watering it, which sounds like too much trouble just so dogs can have a place to pee.

So far no one is complaining and even borough President Eric Adams seems to think they’re OK, telling the paper he sees the pools as “the borough’s smallest dog parks.” Crow even encourages humans to use the spots, telling them that they can “feel at home.” That’s nice of the gardener to allow us use of the mini-dog parks, but we doubt we can talk our way out of  getting a summons for public urination by telling the officer that these little parks were made specifically for bathroom use.

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