Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene

Fort Greene apartment haunted by bags of piss

301 cumberland street
The first, obvious suspect. Photoshop via

What’s the biggest problem you have with your neighbors? Do they play their music too loud? Always holding “dance in clogs” parties above you? Well, be happy that’s the worst thing you’ve got going on, because according to a tip given to Brownstoner, some joker is sending garbage bags full of piss down the garbage chute of a Fort Greene building. We have our own suspect, but right now police and building management are baffled.

Yep, you read that right: garbage bags full of human pee are being tossed down a garbage chute at 301 Cumberland Street. If you don’t want to imagine it, Brownstoner has a picture one of the fed up residents took of one of the garbage bags, it looks like a giant diaper full of magic yellow juice. According to the tipster, someone has been moistening the basement with man urine since November 2013, and the basement is now “completely unusable” because of the bags. Which sometimes break after their trip down and sometimes just slowly leak after landing, and we can’t really decide which is worse.

Building management told Brownstoner that they’re working with the police and the Department of Health to “determine the proper course of action” to put an end to the problem, but angry residents say the Dermot Company hasn’t done nearly enough to fix it. The problem of someone dumping garbage bags full of pee down a garbage chute. Garbage bags. Full of pee.

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