Free energy beats…not free energy. via Facebook

You may not be getting artisanal cold brew free everyday, but Panera Bread is generously pouring out a close second to hype up their new Bay Ridge location: free coffee! We know, Panera Bread. Still, anything free and caffeinated in general should not be scoffed at, so you may as well take it.

To celebrate Panera’s new Bay Ridge location (531 86th Street), the sandwich chain will be doling out free coffee to the first 250 people who visit Monday, August 4 beginning at 6:30a.m. To keep you coming back, Panera will also be giving a free coffee tumbler to those 250 people, that can be refilled with free coffee for the rest of August. Will you be one of those people? Well, good luck, but you probably won’t see us there. We’re not what you’d call morning people.

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