Our Wicked Lady kicks off FREE rooftop double feature series in Bushwick tonight, with tacos

Just like Audrey 2, the movies are doubled. via youtube
Just like Audrey 2, the movies are doubled. via Youtube

Summer in New York is a season of rituals, from the first backyard barbecue in June to the last hooky beach trip in September. Among the greatest of these rituals is the much-beloved outdoor movie, a ritual that has become something more of a rite of passage here in Brooklyn. If you haven’t been to one then you haven’t lived. At least, not by our standards.

In fact, the only thing that could beat a rooftop movie in Brooklyn in our books would be two rooftop movies in Brooklyn, screened one after the other, while taking a never-ending stream of tacos and beer to the face. And hey, would you look at that? Our Wicked Lady, the recently-opened bar and venue in Bushwick, is happy to oblige.

Tonight, the bar is kicking off a summer-long weekly series of double features on their rooftop (recently deemed one of New York’s 10 best rooftop bars in the city by no one we know) with a creature double feature, screening Little Shop of Horrors, followed by Gremlins. And all the while, you can nosh from a donation-based menu of pulled pork or sweet potato and kale tacos.

FWIW, if you’ve never experienced a double feature outdoors, I highly recommend the experience. My first ever two-fer was at a drive-in an hour’s drive north of Toronto, Canada. They were screening Toy Story 3 and the Iron Man sequel. We ate poorly-fried pickles and only stayed through the opening scenes of the second feature, because tickets were a mere $7 and I didn’t want my Dad driving us home half-comatose. Still, the feeling of watching the credits roll on a first flick and knowing you have a whole other one coming up is v. thrilling.

In this case, tickets are zero dollars and you don’t have to worry about a curfew. Plus, tacos from Sky Fortress, an appropriately Bushwick futurist co-op cult you’ve never heard of! They’ll be offering a different menu every week.

And while you could see any of the other movies happening in BK parks tonight, that would mean you’d have to buy and sneak in your own alcohol instead of just getting it for cheap during Our Wicked Lady’s happy hour, which runs 5-8pm. The movies don’t start until sundown on the roof, which tonight should be around 8:30pm, so you’ve got plenty of time to get as slaphappy as Bill Murray before all the fun begins.

Check out the rest of OWL’s double features on our ultimate free summer outdoor movie list!

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