Have the time of your life and 11 other free ways to spend your week

dirty dancing
Table 87 won’t put summer in a corner, they’ll show you Dirty Dancing outdoors

1. BookCourt releases Cold Type, a Death of a Salesman-esque father-son tale. (Tuesday)

2. It might be past Labor Day, but there are still outdoor movies to enjoy, like Dirty Dancing at Table 87 in Gowanus. Have the time of your life. (Tuesday)

3. Voodoo Boogaoo’s eccentric neo-soul is sliding over to The Way Station. (Wednesday)

4. Ponder the future of teaching at the release for The Teacher Wars at powerHouse Arena. (Thursday)

5. Don’t just sit through plain old visual-free storytelling. Head to VideoTALE for stories with moving pictures! (Thursday)

6. Swallowing Worlds is a delicious-sounding exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by the pretzel shape Kepler believed Mars and Earths’ orbits make. (Thursday)

7. Drawings of Free Invention features freeform designs that grow through digital mirroring, resizing and interlacing. (Thursday)

8. Get pinned at Jackknife Comedy at Brooklyn Colony. (Thursday)

9. Any Size Mirror is a Dictator kicks off six rotating weeks of new music, text, and dance. (Friday)

10. Bar Scarwl, the cartoon guide to the city’s booze, is having an art show at Supercollider. (Friday)

11. Spend your Friday night in The Living Room for some stand-up. (Friday)

12. Hear the cast of Saved by the Bell, who were probably your childhood heroes, get torn apart by comedians at Videology Late Night TV. (Friday)

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