One day only: Jog among the dead at Green-Wood Cemetery tomorrow

If you see anyone crawling out of their grave, just run faster! via Facebook
If you see anyone crawling out of their grave, just run faster! via Facebook

So we were all bummed by the fact that President Obama was pulling a GoogaMooga and causing Prospect Park to be closed when he comes to tell kids at P-Tech to build more killer drones. But at least one cool thing has come out of it. We just got an email from the folks at Green-Wood Cemetery who are stepping up for Brooklyn’s joggers: tomorrow between noon and 6pm, while Prospect Park is closed, you can jog in Green-Wood.Yep, sounds cool huh? Jogging near all those graves, imagining the dead will rise at any minute. Pop in at either the 25th Street and 5th Avenue entrance or the 35th Street and 4th Avenue entrance and be on your way. If you’ve even got an inkling of an idea to do this, jump on the idea, because Green-Wood officials are insisting this is a one-time offer.

Just don’t run through the actual headstone areas. Also, Green-Wood asks that you be sensitive to people who are there grieving, so don’t you dare shout something like “More cardio would have extended his life by five years!” as you jog by.

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  1. juliakay

    You guys are hysterical. For extra points maybe the douchy joggers can spot some fresh graves. Cause you know, it’s a pretty active cemetery. Ten points if you spot the grave of a Park Slope child killed by a van mere weeks ago and buried there Life is such a party, except you know for those who may actually be at grave sites, but screw them it’s all about me here in Brokelyn.

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