Crown Heights

The president is coming to Brooklyn on Friday

"I'll see you at Bearded Lady." via Students for Barack Obama
“I’ll see you at Franklin Park.” via Students for Barack Obama

We live in a place where Jay-Z sometimes rides the subway, and Maggie Gyllenhaal will cut you in line for coffee just like anyone else, so it’s hard to be completely starstruck. But here’s something that doesn’t happen every day: The president is coming to Brooklyn to meet some high school kids in Crown Heights on Wednesday Friday. Which of course means you can find Joe Biden holding it down at the Crown Inn Friday night into Saturday morning.

Obama is popping in to P-Tech High School in Crown Heights on Wednesday Friday. If P-Tech sounds familiar, it’s because Obama talked it up in his last State of the Union speech, singling it out as a great example of a high school/technical college hybrid. At P-Tech, students get a chance to go for six years and graduate with both a high school degree and an associate’s degree in computer science or engineering, and have some of their classes taught by college professors.

Apparently Obama is visiting to see just how they do things over there and tell them in person how much he approves of the program. Hopefully he doesn’t tell the students that they should put their skills towards making more flying death robots for the military-industrial complex, but he probably will.

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