53,000 people applied for 89 affordable artist apartments in Harlem

artspace ps109
It’s like living in an art castle but you’ll never actually live there!

Hey, remember that AWESOME affordable artist housing in Harlem that we told you about a little while back, PS 109 Artspace? Yeah, of course you do, because you thought about how fun it would be to live in a cheap apartment with a bunch of artists, but not have it be the McKibbin Lofts. Well guess what bucko? DNA Info reports that 52,999 other people had the same exact thought that you did, so your chances of getting one of those 89 units is MIGHTY slim.

To be perfectly honest, we don’t quite know the point of a story in which the city mentions that 53,000 people applied for 89 affordable units, because it’s not like we didn’t know there was an affordable housing crisis already. We guess just to bum everyone out on a Thursday afternoon/Friday morning. Also buried down in the story is the news that that whopping number is about on par with the amount of applications that the city usually gets for affordable housing lotteries.

How does one fix this problem? We can all either band together as one city, lock developers, land owners, non-profits, Mayor Tall, the public advocate, the comptroller and the City Council in City Hall and not let them out until they come out with a unified plan for the city’s housing problem. Or, we could take up some weird religion that we think will increase our odds for winning these lotteries. That second one sounds easier, to be totally honest.

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