Vintage store Odd Twin says goodbye forever with huge sale

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Your last chance to look as good as this mannequin, for cheap. Via Facebook

Want new clothes? Pff, we all do buddy, get in line. Sorry, that was mean, haven’t had our coffee yet. But the point remains, everyone wants clothes to wear, but they don’t want to pay full price for them. If only there was a way…oh, here’s one. It’s a little sad though/ After four years in existence, Park Slope thrift store Odd Twin (164 5th Avenue) is closing its doors forever. The silver lining to this is that you get to take advantage of their closing sale, which includes up to 50% off items in the store.

We got an email from the store announcing the closing sale, and in that email, they said that everything in the store would be marked down 30% to 50% for the next two weeks. So you can look like you walked out of the 60s, while paying prices closer to what your parents paid for that clothing. Advantage: Millennials.

Everything at the store is for sale, and they also said they’re willing to cut deals for people buying their vintage stuff in bulk, so you can get yourself a wardrobe for fall, winter, spring and summer, and maybe even a mannequin to dress to see how you’d look. Just don’t be all gloat-y about it while you’re shopping there, it’s sad to see any store go, but especially one that was willing to give you booze while you shopped there.

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