Occupy bike seat: OWS now offering free mobile bicycle repairs

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but your bike is broken, so tweet @ me maybe?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has brought to the forefront the idea of community-based self-governing and a rejection of the status quo. But aside from a few Manhattan-based (blech) campsites and “government” meetings oscilliating between turbulent and tepid, not much seems to have changed for the Brokester. So when something special like the OWSBIKECOALITION comes about, we get excited. The OWSBC spreads cycle love by holding weekly pro-bicycle meetings and mass rides — and by offering free bike repair services to everyone, everywhere.

You can finally get that weird noise in your pedal sorted out at any of their daily mobile repair stations held all around New York. And even if you’re bike is immobile, just tweet them @owsbc on Thursdays between 4 and 7 and they’ll send you a #bikedoctor for free!

The group’s mission is to produce a “more sustainable future.” We’re not sure exactly how that fits in with the reform of banking and tax laws, but if it means getting more people on two wheels, then count us as part of the 99 pennyfarthings.

The OWSBC needs bicycles and parts, money, and your time and expertise. Stop by their website and see how you can have a… turn.

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