Now know when your train is running late, with GoogleMaps

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Shit just got real

Apps that tell you what time your train is supposed to come are great of course, especially when you’re trying to plan the perfect getaway on a terrible date. But sometimes even if a train is supposed to be somewhere, it isn’t there. Black magick? No, just some jerk holding the doors for 2 minutes or some other train delay. Google, being committed to shielding you from awkward encounters amassing all the world’s knowledge, is starting to solve that problem, adding live departure times to GoogleMaps.

At the moment, the feature only works on the 1-6 trains, but even that can be useful, since all of those but the 1 come into Brooklyn. So now you’ll know exactly how close you’re cutting it when you’re being lazy about going to work, or how much longer you’ll have to listen to your date talk about life on the farm not being as intellectually stimulating as life in Brooklyn. God shut up, we’ve all heard that one. Now if only Google would work on an app that lets you know which cars’ A/C units have failed in the summer and they can take all the guesswork out of riding the subway.

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