What time is my train coming? There’s an app for that

Now waiting for the subway won't make you feel like a helpless child. Photo by Margaret Mendel
Now waiting for the subway won’t make you feel like a helpless child. Photo by Margaret Mendel

For some odd reason, the MTA decided to break the news of their new Subway Time app during New York’s Christmas brownout. As if they were ashamed of it, or didn’t want us all the be able to know when the subway was on its way. This is strange, but no one ever said the MTA did things in the most straightforward manner possible. Of course, they may have been low key about it because the app only debuted on the iPhone and they had no plans to design one themselves for Android phones. But some enterprising soul has already gone and made one for us.As explained in the Wall Street Journal, the MTA doesn’t consider themselves software developers  so they made the data behind the app available to the public, with the hope someone would take it upon themselves to pick up the ball and run. And run they have, with an app for Android phones already available for download.

There are caveats of course, because there always are. The app only works for the 1 through 6 trains and the  Times Square Shuttle, like the iPhone version, and even the developers promise there will be bugs because the app is a beta version. Still, at least for now, if you rely on the 1 through 6 trains,  you can know if you have time for one last drink.


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