Now Hiring in Brooklyn: Blue Bottle, MTV, Brooklyn Brewery and more!

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Help keep all these in order

Now, with the latest Blizzard That Never Was, some of you may have gotten time off from your awful, terrible jobs. Of course, you might have thought you had time off from your horrible job, only to realize you didn’t when the skies opened up and it turned out “blizzard” means 4 inches of snow. Possibly, you didn’t have any job to get/not get to, in which case you just binge-watched a frankly, insane amount of X-Files and tried to make your pets speak. In any of these cases, however, it seems like there is a common thread: you may need a few job. This just happens to be your lucky day, however, since we here at Brokelyn have collected up the best offerings of the week and delivered them right to your grey-slush-covered doorstep.

We here at Brokelyn consider ourselves newsy. We’ve broken several important stories, and try our best to keep the public well-informed. If you also consider yourself to be quite the newsfiend and crusader for justice, well then get your “Press”-labeled fedora out, because NBC is looking for a Digital Video Producer to help them inform the masses. The job requires some previous experience in the reporting world, and ideally some college experience, but this job is far from fetching Brian Williams’s coffee, so that’s to be expected. If you think you’ve got some news chops and want to get to the next, Sorkin-esque level, then report for duty.

So, maybe you want to report the news, but you don’t want to have to answer to “The Man”s over at NBC, because you don’t even own a tie, and corporations are the devil. Well, you still have to probably pay your rent, and that will probably mean you’ll end up working for a corporation, but if you want it to be a corporation where you don’t have to wear a tie, then how about a job as a News Writer for MTV News? If you want to get your inner Sway Calloway on and you have some journalistic experience to spare, then feel free to apply, just keep in mind that it’s “Full-Time Freelance,” whatever that means, and you can’t trust people who still say they play music videos.

How into coffee are you? Do you roast your own beans? Do you have several ways of brewing coffee, including some “of your own device”? Have you happened to work at Blue Bottle in the past? Well, if you’re a coffee nut (bean?), then good news because Blue Bottle is currently hiring on a Quality Control Assistant to make sure all of the coffee that they’re putting out is of the highest tier, so that one guy sitting on his laptop and working on his screenplay will know the coffee he ordered but isn’t drinking is just the best. The job requires previous Blue Bottle experience, but beyond that, it just comes down to a love of coffee, some basic office skills, and ideally some knowledge of Espanol.

Quick, name two things that don’t mix! If you said “social media” and “tequila”, well most days you’d be right, but if you feel like living on the edge, look no further, because Avion Tequila is currently looking for a Social Media Manager to help to encourage people to tweet out all of the dumb shit they do on tequila benders and throw a hashtag on it.  So, if you’ve got some social media chops and some graphic design know-how (ideally with some knowledge of Spanish, because, well, duh), apply to tweet around large quantities of alcohol. Having tried it in the past, I can safely say that it is easier said than done.

I consider myself a bit of a foodie, as most New Yorkers do, and there are some chefs I am especially fond of. The one that takes the deconstructed cake for me, though, would have to be Wylie Dufresne, former owner of WD-50. Many people have gone on to document what it’s like working with this mad scientist/restaurateur, and by most accounts it sounds like a pretty rewarding experience, so if you’d like to get in on the action, feel free to apply to work in the kitchen at his new restaurant/pub, Alder. He’s currently hiring line cooks, and while he’s somewhat vague with what kind of experience you’ll need, he does ask for a cover letter, so if you think you can put your love of science-y food and all things egg into one letter, you might very well find yourself cooking in one of the most interesting kitchens in New York City.

Let’s face it, there are very few people living in Brooklyn right now that would not take a job at Brooklyn Brewery on the spot. The business is a Brooklyn institution, as well as one of the beginners of the craft movement, as well as makers of some mighty fine beers. So, if you’d like to join in on their sudsy team, now’s the time to get moving, because they are currently hiring an entry-level Administrative Assistant to help keep all of their beer in order. While the job is not terribly glamorous, the requirements are minimal, and we imagine the perks fall inside the boundaries of “heavenly”. Just remember, the job is to keep organized, and the fun part is to drink tons of beer, but those two probably shouldn’t mix.

Finally, I write these posts, not for the general public, but on the off-chance that the message I have will find the one specific person it is looking for. Now, not everybody wants to be a chef, and not everybody wants to work in the news, but for that one person out there who’s dreaming of that exact position, I feel obligated to inform. So there’s definitely someone out there who thinks they can ace this job as  an Editor/Cameraman for a gay adult media company. The job involves wearing a lots of hats, and presumably a few other things, but if you’re truly passionate about producing the finest gay adult media anyone has ever seen, then this is your chance to shine. I suppose with pride and/or lubricant, choice is yours.

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