Not a test: Habana Outpost giving away free school supplies next week

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Oh sure they look happy, but they don’t know what’s coming. via Facebook

Have you had the Welcome Back, Kotter song playing in your head for some unknowable reason? Don’t panic, remain calm. That’s actually just a sign that the school year is almost ready to kick off again, and New York will soon be blessedly free of the shouts of happy children for eight hours a day. Of course, that means shopping for school supplies too, but let Habana Outpost take some of the sting out that with their school supply giveaway next Monday.

Next Monday, September 2, from 11am to 3pm, Habana Outpost will be handing out notebooks and pencils to kids, who might not even be aware that school is starting soon, such is the blessed ignorance of youth. In addition to the pencils and notebooks, the Brooklyn Public Library will be hanging out to help kids get their first library cards, Nyk!ds will be handing out backpacks and Alvin Ailey will be giving out 2-for-1 dance class passes, so you can keep the children learning, always learning.

But it won’t all be lame school stuff, there’ll be a festive atmosphere with stilt walkers, arts and crafts, and most importantly, free glitter tattoos. Talk with your child about the most meaningful experience he’s had this summer, and help him pick the right tattoo that conveys his fatalistic attitude about how despite the fact that it was fun, he needs to preserve the fleeting memory on his body. A butterfly, maybe?

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