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16 tweets showing how much people hate Amazon Prime Day

Amazon right now. Image via Flickr user Walter Pereantau
How everyone views Amazon right now. Image via Flickr user Walter Parentau

Today is Amazon’s 20th birthday, to celebrate it, they’re having a Black Friday in July type event called “Prime Day” and like so many other 20th birthdays, it’s been incredibly hyped about on social media, and it’s a huge disappointment. All of the suckers (we mean people) who signed up for Amazon Prime to take advantage of the price cuts that were advertised as being way better than regular Black Friday deals are expressing their outrage and disappointment on Twitter (where else?). Here, some of the more colorful complaints: 


When someone who works for FOX Business got jokes, you know you took a huge L for the day.




More concerning: This deal or the fact this women has to resort to feeding her kids sunscreen? Someone should look into that.


For the amateur porn director in your life.



Really hope the Jets front office isn’t looking into Prime Day.


Well the babies have to get made somehow.




Hey, it’s this or a beard transplant.





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