Being a night owl is killing you

Wake up early after that night out dancing, or else.
Wake up early after that night out dancing, or else.

Hey there, Brokelyn fan. If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good that you’re a young person or at least young enough to still be going out and enjoying Brooklyn’s finest bars and all the cool things we recommend you go see and do. We have some bad news though: according to the killjoys at the New York Times, sleeping in after a big night out at the Twin Peaks disco is apparently bad for you. No, not in a “casual alcoholism crossing into problem drinking way,” we’re talking more about things like diabetes and getting your metabolism out of whack.

According to a medical study shared by the Times, Korean researchers took a look at the habits of 1,620 Korean men and women to determine whether they were morning people or night owls. The ones who were judged to be night owls showed higher indications of diabetes in the men, metabolic syndrome (higher body fat, cholesterol and blood sugar) in the women. Researchers blamed the screwed up metabolism for night owls on eating an excessive amount of calories after 8pm and a high exposure to artificial light, which are certainly practices and environments that we’ve never encouraged in you guys.

While the doctors behind the study would probably tell you to be healthier, stop going to bed so damn late and start living by the “early to bed, early to rise” maxim, but we have slightly different advice. Go out and live hard and go to bed late, just make sure you still wake up early in the day. After all, how bad for your health can a lack of sleep be?

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