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Keep the night going with these 10 late night happy hours


If you still look this good by 11 o’clock, we salute you. via Invade NOLA

Most happy hours are not that special. The whole 4pm to 7pm thing? Generic. All these people who get animated over this bar standard need to slow their roll and reflect on the overabundance of options. Of course the bar has a happy hour between 4 and 7 because it is a bar and that is what bars do. Any bar can pull people in to start drinking knowing it will eventually lead to full price drinks, but to take people at the end of the night, when they are sloshy and weak and still give them a bargain, just cause? Now that’s a trooper of a bar.

So I started to think about all the bars I’ve seen with a sign outside advertising a special late night happy hour and began wondering, are there places with consistent late night drink deals? Apparently there are. Not too many from what I can tell, so feel free to add some in the comments, but here are ten places I found. I would like to commend these establishments for their harm reduction approach to my wallet.

via Calexico

645 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint
(347) 763-2129

At Calexico’s Greenpoint location they provide a bunch of two-for-ones from midnight until 1am everyday. There are 2-for-1 margaritas ($7), draft beers ($5-6) and well drinks ($5). They have Mexican food like $3-4 tacos to coat your stomach until 1am during the week and a bit later on weekends.

via New York Magazine

Trophy Bar
351 Broadway South Williamsburg
(347) 227-8515

Sunday and Monday from midnight until 1 they have $4 drafts, $3 well drinks and $4 margaritas. They have rotating DJs and a really nice back yard during the summer. My roommate likes this bar and says I’ve been there, but honestly, if I have, I have zero recollection.

via Metropolitan

Metropolitan Bar 
559 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg
(718) 599-4444

From 10pm until close they have specials that vary by the day. Monday is $1 PBR, Tuesday is $3 well, Wednesday (girls night) is $2 PBR, Thursday is half priced drafts, Friday/Saturday you’re S.O.L. and Sunday is $2 Buds/Bud Lights (my fav beer). Metropolitan is a gay bar in Williamsburg that has a sweet patio with free BBQ during the summer and active fireplaces inside during the winter. Word of caution, the bathrooms are often lock-less and TP-less…

via Free Williamsburg

Soft Spot
128 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg
(718) 384-7768

I remember the Soft Spot as being a place to go late night after bartending. It’s specialness stems from being so narrow, yet never feeling crowded. They have a bunch of booths and for some reason I have always been able to find a place to sit, which is important to me because sitting is way better than standing, always. On Tuesdays they have two-for-one drafts and well drinks all night until close.

The Gutter’s Top Scores, better than the 28 I got. via The Gutter

The Gutter 
200 North 14th Street, Williamsburg
(718) 387-3585

This dive bar/bowling alley has a happy hour Monday through Thursday from 1am until close when they do a dollar off drafts/well drinks and $3 pitchers of beer. It’s not like a new shiny bowling alley, since everything is refurbished so don’t expect a Bowlmor feel. But honestly, that’s a good thing.

via Pequena

86 South Portland Avenue, Fort Greene
(718) 643-0000

Pequena is a Mexican restaurant that has a $5 margarita happy hour from 11pm until midnight. I kinda feel like margaritas should always be $5, but I guess for restaurants this is a good happy hour. The place is quite small so I’d refrain from groups of more than two people.

via New York Magazine

Brooklyn Tavern
31 3rd Avenue, Boreum Hill
(718) 797-0677

Brooklyn Tavern is located in what I like to call the nexus of the trainerverse. You have the A,C,G,D,N,R,2,3,4,5,B & Q. But, not only do they have accessibility, they have mother of G foosball. Which after my favorite sport of skeeball, is my favorite sport ever. Anyways, their drinks are always pretty reasonable, but every Monday from 11pm until 1am they have rotating drink specials.

via Ox Cart

Ox Cart Tavern
1301 Newkirk Ave, Flatbush
(718) 284-0005

Everyday from 10pm to 11pm they have $4 drafts, well drinks and selected wines. Also, they have fried pickles…. nothing related to the happy hour, it’s just that fried pickles are delicious.

via Flickr

64 Frost Street, Williamsburg
(718) 599-0025

An off-shoot from the lower east side Loreley, this Williamsburg biergarten has a happy hour from 11pm until midnight serving up two for one drafts and $4 well drinks.

Give your tongue the boot. via The L Magazine

Minor Arcana
706 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights
(718) 399-7722

Minor Arcana is a comfortable bar, like an unpressured, kinda dive-ish, shot and a beer kind of a bar. Apparently they host a bunch of different nights like trivia, dance, etc, but I haven’t been to any of them. From midnight until 1 they do a two for one special. They also have a really good juke box.


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