A night at the opera and 12 other free ways to spend your week

opera on tap
Opera on Tap takes center stage at Freddy’s Thursday night. via Facebook

1. It’s the end of South 4th Bar’s Cinco de Derby weekend, and they’re moving on to the Cinco de Mayo portion of it. Go celebrate with your amigos and drink some cheap margaritas (Monday)

2. Or celebrate it playing the traditional Mexican game of pinball. OK look, even if that isn’t totally true, who are you to pass up free pinball at Sunshine Laundry? You could even win a lawnmower (Monday)

3. See new Daily Show correspondent Michael Che in his natural habitat, NYC Broken Comedy at Matchless. As long as you see him before his first segment, you can tell people you saw him before he was famous (Monday)

4. James Fearnley of The Pogues will be at WORD to tell some stories about playing the accordion, but mostly about being in The Pogues we think (Tuesday)

5. Want to combine the mental anguish of both dating and searching for a roommate? That’s kinda weird, but you can do this at Speed Roommating at The Montrose (Tuesday)

6. Colson Whitehead will be talking poker and the intense dudes who play it at St. Francis College, and why else do you live here except for free readings from really famous writers? (Tuesday)

7. Learn all about animal and bug sex at WORD at the book launch for Nature’s Nether Regions, because you never know when “Beetle Mating Habits” will be a category on Jeopardy! (Wednesday)

8. It’s time for the first Brooklyn Bridge Park Dance Party, hosted by Balkan Beat Box. That’s as true a victory over winter as we can think of (Thursday)

9. Catch the last edition of literary humor series Steamboat, with Jen Doll, the writers of The Hurt Locker: The Musical and more, before it sails off for summer break (Thursday)

10. You can see our pal Sue Smith hanging out at the Low Standards Show at Videology, doing some comedy and talking her favorite shitty movies (Thursday)

11. Opera On Tap at Freddy’s will be serenading you with live performances of some of opera’s greatest hits, so who knows, maybe even a slop like you will recognize a song (Thursday)

12. If you missed the free theatre in a bar that was Bully Me Down, you can see some more at RBar as they present a free performance of Just a Few Hundred More (Friday)

13. Late Night Basement has man of attractive voices Jon Benjamin, The Walkmen’s Walter Martin and many more stopping in to the back room of Pine Box Rock Shop, so be there (Friday)

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