New York erroneously called ‘most overpriced’ instead of ‘most awesome’ city in America

new york city
Your stupid city is overpriced, not ours. via Flickr user Andos_pics

New York City, as we all know, is a rather expensive place to live. It’s what happens when you pack so many people in such a tight place, and then make it a great place to live thanks to culture and sports teams and pretty parks. So can you really put a price on how great we are? No, probably not. But that didn’t stop Forbes, a magazine that shares a name with a guy who’s made something like half a dozen failed presidential runs, from calling our beloved home the most overpriced city in America

We shouldn’t take this too personally, since these are also the same nerds who called Houston the coolest city in America. Also, much like “overrated” chants that some athletes face when they play in the road, all it really ends up meaning is “You are awesome but I think too many people call you awesome.” The reasoning behind the whole “most overpriced” thing mostly comes down to the fact that New York has a high cost of living and homes here are expensive for people making the city’s median yearly income.

Which, yes, New York is expensive, for everything from homes to haircuts. But the thing is, can you put a price on living in a place with the best options for pizza and the best bagels in America? Can you put a price on never having to be drunk and hungry at the same time, no matter what time of night it is? Can you put a price on wandering around Park Slope and coming across a pest control car modeled exactly after the car from Ghostbusters? Can you put a price on a guy on the subway insisting you and a stranger tell him where “all the Asian girls who love to party” are, and then chatting up that stranger from 14th Street to Harlem and getting her phone number? No, no you can’t put a price on any of those lovely things about living in New York, and you also can’t get those in any stupid city that isn’t “overpriced,” whatever the hell that means. Shut up, Forbes.

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