NYC deemed most expensive US city for women’s haircuts

hair metal salon williamsburg
Williamsburg’s Hair Metal seems expensive at $60, but is actually below average in New York for a women’a haircut. via Facebook

Women’s hair, as we all know, is both as difficult to cut through as adamantium and as precious to the women’s heads it sits upon as said fake metal is to shadowy government comic book groups. So that’s why women’s haircuts are so expensive around here. They’re so expensive in fact, that New York City is the most expensive city in America for a women’s haircut, at $73, edging out San Francisco by two dollars. They can have this one if they want, though.

According to data rounded up by Square and shared on Quartz, women’s haircuts are an astounding $73 on average in the city. This isn’t a problem faces by men looking for a haircut. Haircuts for men are just $37 on average, because giving Wall Street guys short cuts is easy and those of us without fancy Wall Street jobs don’t care what kind of slobs we look like and neither do our bosses.

Women’s haircuts in New York are so expensive in fact, that they help push up New York to the most expensive place to get a haircut in America, at $60, despite the fact that dude’s haircuts are the third-most expensive in the country. Of course, we’ve got a roundup of some places in Brooklyn to get haircuts for women that are cheaper than average, although they’re still kind of pricey.

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