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Tame the drunchies with Brooklyn’s best late night bar food

meatball shop
Sometimes you’re just drunk and need some balls, know what we mean? via Facebook

There’s no point in ignoring the drunk munchies, or the drunchies. They will come for you nightly. They lurk in the back alleyways of cocktail bars, around the corner from the neighborhood tavern and sometimes they flash you blatantly as you polish off that 6-pack of Tecate from the bodega. What you can do is make them less depressing by enjoying them among friends, and at the right places. So here’s a rundown of some of the best late-night drunken eating in the borough. 


Meatball Shop
170 Bedford Ave.
Open until: Mon-Thursday 2am/ Friday-Saturday 4am
Kitchen open: ‘Til last call
What to get: Classic Beef Balls ($7)

Pretty basic fare concept-wise, but never-fail satisfying after wearing through your dancing shoes on a weekend night. Also, $2 PBR and beer by the glass (half-pint) for when you’re only looking for a little hair o’ the dog before bed.

285 Bedford Ave
Open until: Monday-Wednesday, Sunday 2am/ Thursday-Saturday, 4am
Kitchen open: Until last call
What to get: Chicken habanero sausage ($8)

With a menu that would make Foodswings’ head roll, this San Francisco import sausage grill practically has your meat on tap. Also, two dozen craft beers and $3 drafts after midnight. Non meat-eaters can find solace in the vegan sausages, but why would you wanna do that? Bonus: 64oz growlers if somehow you’re not drunk enough yet when you get here.

Extra Fancy
302 Metropolitan Avenue
Open until: 4am
Kitchen open: until 3:30am
What to get: Deviled Eggs ($5)

Oysters and beer, need I say more? The drafts aren’t nearly as pricey as the cocktails, but with awesome names like the “Check Yo Self” and “Nelly Fer Toddy”, mixed drinks are also ‘well’ worth the extra bucks. And not to fear: this seafaring establishment’s late-night menu is almost exactly like its dinner menu. Why the difference, then? You save money. Sundays thru Thursdays, the raw bar is 1/2 off after midnight. If you’re craving the lobster roll, wait until Tuesday when it eases down to $20 with a 12oz Bud.

One Stop Beer Shop
134 Kingsland Avenue
Open until: Monday-Wednesday, Sunday 2am / Thursday-Friday 3:30am / Saturday 4am
Kitchen open: Until 2am
What to get: Popcorn (FREE), and a Mason jar of pickles ($6)

A shareable jar of dills? DIY Pickle-backs all night long! If you’re feeling a little too hungry to rely on gratis popcorn for drunk eats, though, grab an order of warm pretzels and dip ($3). And as you might have guessed from their name, they’ve also got beer. Bonus: it’s good beer. Take-home growlers average around $13, which is ridicu-low.

La Superior
295 Berry St.
Open until: Monday-Thursday, Sunday 12am/ Friday-Saturday 2am
Kitchen open: Until close
What to get: Frijoles ($3-5)

Weirdly BYOB even though they have some of the best (and cheap at $6) margaritas this side of the East River, La Superior has become somewhat of an institution for late-night Mexican in Williamsburg. Incidentally, I’m still trying to figure out if the free unlimited basket of tortilla chips we received with our drinks last time I went was a one-time deal.

No meat, no cheese, no problem. via Facebook

296 Grand St.
Open until: Fri-Sat 2am/ M, Sun 11pm/ Tue-Thu 12am
Kitchen open: Until close
What to get: vegan milkshakes ($4-7)

Even though it’s not a bar, this place lands on our Brokester list as the vegan mecca for animal-free drunchies and the fact that it’s delivers drunk vegans the deliverance they need until 2am on weekends. Wait… can you still call it a milkshake if there’s no milk?

Prospect Heights

Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt Avenue
Open until: 4am
Kitchen open: Until 3am
What to get: Frito pie ($10)

Admittedly, Branded ain’t on here for the price of its fare. Cocktails average out at $11 and the food is usually in the double digits too. But like, pie made with Fritos. And $3 Rolling Rock. And at the end of the night, it’s nice to know that there’s a place to eat through 3 in the morning that’ll keep the party going with you instead of telling you to make better life choices, you know?

woodwork brooklyn
Nutella and waffles go together at any point of the day or night. via Facebook

583 Vanderbilt Avenue
Open until: Monday-Friday 2am / Saturday-Sunday 4am
Kitchen open: Until last call
What to get: Nutella waffle ($6)

Russ and Matty’s sports-bar-cum-gastropub is a welcome anomaly on this otherwise bougie strip of Prospect Heights. No-frills cheap beer ($3) meets yes-frills delicious bar eats, all served to you while you get rowdy watching the game, or SportsCenter highlights if it’s late enough.

Park Slope/South Slope

196 5th Avenue
Open until: 2am
Kitchen open: Unil last call
What to get: Kale Slaw ($6)

If you’re one of those weirdos who looks for “healthy” sustenance at the end of a bar crawl, Blueprint’s got your late-night ticket. Generally speaking, though, this farm-to-table cocktail bar has prices that work best for sharesies with a date or friend. Think 750ml Ommegang for $12 and a big ol’ ricotta pizza for $11. But hey, even if you end up solo and shelling out for that pie, you can rest easy: all of the food is sourced from “sustainable, local and artisanal” producers—they really do use all three words in the same sentence—so at least your money isn’t going the Man.

south brooklyn grilled cheese
Gooey goes with drunk, right?

629 5th Avenue
Open until: 4am
Kitchen open: Until last call
What to get: Popcorn (FREE) and Grilled Cheese ($6)

Much like One Stop in the ‘burg, this place also benefits from a winning combo of free popcorn, a solid beer selection that runs as cheap as $2.50/draft, and the if-desired colossal grilled cheese sandwich. On the off-chance your mental faculties haven’t left the building, they’ve also got a great stack of board games. So if you can land W-A-S-T-E-D on the Triple Word Score, I’ll buy you a beer.

627 5th Avenue
Open until: 4am
Kitchen open: Until 2am
What to get: Pigs in a Blanket ($6)

Sitting pretty just north of South, Freddy’s is a much more eclectic joint in Park Slope, featuring daily back-room entertainment and video art for the creatively inclined. But $5 Maker’s and Coke, $3 drafts and $6 for a plate of pigs in a blanket are for the masses, forever and always.


Black Swan
1048 Bedford Ave
Open until: 4am
Kitchen open:
What to get: “Camden, 7am” poutine ($9)

Stumble from Tip Top over to the Swan for “reverse Happy Hour” starting at 1am, which features $5 drafts, well and wine, as well as $3 shots. The late-night menu’s not the cheapest but this joint’s got the Canadian stamp-of-approval for offering one of our greasiest Montreal traditions, the Camden 7am putine. And when you’re spending so little on drinks, who’s counting the $16 burger? (Yeah, yeah. We all are.)

Got any places we missed? Tell us whose kitchen stays open past midnight!

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