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New RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY prize: $50 at Guvnor’s Vintage Thrift

Opening night in March.
Opening night in March.

Granted, you hear the word ‘thrift,’ and ‘luxury item’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But what if you forget those ratty t-shirts and stained corduroys, and think Vintage? Vintage as in fashion time-machine catered to the innate style of the pin-up fashionista on a budget. That is Park Slope’s Guvnor’s Vintage Thrift. And that’s why they, and their $50 gift certificate, are part of THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY on June 10. And ladies, since you’re trying to look like a million bucks for the night, Guvnor’s might be a good place to start this weekend.

Owner Suzette Sundae previously manned the thrift shop Monkey Whistles & Motorbikes and ran her own outfit in the East Village, Suzette Sundae, which sold a private label line, vintage fashions and pieces from emerging designers. Guvnor’s, newly opened this spring, provides on-site tailoring for their clothes, and offers a BUY-SELL-TRADE program that will net you 35 percent of the retail price in cash or 55 percent for store credit. But most of the stock is straight from the vintage wholesale warehouses through which Suzette carefully combs.

You might find a pair of white canvass knee-high boots with black lacing and thick black soles. Or maybe a  form-fitting satin evening dress with red sequined trim, the bottom suspended by a cloud of frilly mesh reminiscent of the sock-hop dances of yesteryear, when Bettie Page was a beauty and Buddy Holly ruled the airwaves.

Or you could go for the black & chrome Harley cruiser for sale in the store (great with those boots). A friend of Suzette’s gave it to her.  Feel free to put down your gift certificate as partial payment on its $5,500.

The First Annual Brokelyn Charity Ball will be held June 10 from 7 to 11 at at Night Owl in Williamsburg, 160 N. 4th St. at Bedford Ave.

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  1. Tim Donnelly

    er, I just went into this place for the first time today and it’s ten kinds of awesome. makes me wish I hadn’t spent $40 for new chucks from zappos actually.

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