New Music Tuesday: Getting muggy with Team Spirit

Team Spirit knows how to stay fresh and clean this summer, and you can too

Unless you live somewhere that I’m not currently thinking about because I don’t live there, it’s getting humid out.  When it’s humid out people tend to walk around looking one of two ways: 1) Oddly comfortable or 2) Crazy seeming. One of the quickest ways to overheat in high humidity, other than just being alive, is to jump up and down repeatedly while playing music. Brooklyn’s Team Spirit, being a jump up and down kind of band, make sweaty look good though. Which is cool.

The band recently recorded a Buzzsession for The Wild Honey Pie and included “Teenage Heart” and “Satisfaction” off of their most recent album, Killing Time, which came out on VICE Records last fall.  We’d love for you to check out those videos here.

Watching them play these songs it’s easy to imagine yourself running up and down a slightly damp (hopefully just from dew or whatever, and not bum pee) Brooklyn street, leaping and yelping with pure joyful abandon. Their sound is energetic enough to make you want to high kick a tree, but not so aggro that you lose your mind, do something stupid, and end up in prison. So perfect basically. And again, being that it is getting muggy outside, there’s only so much a’yelpin’ and a’leapin’ you can do before you sweat through your shirt and have to go home because you smell like old garbage.

We asked Ayad Al Adhamy, lead singer and guitarist for Team Spirit how he keeps fresh and nice when it’s nasty outside and here’s what he said:

“I use sea salt spray for my hair, and deodorant for my armpits. Only other advice: stay inside, and if you wear glasses be sure to keep a cloth on you to wipe the moisture off your lenses for optimal vision!”

Sound advice!

While the band doesn’t have any scheduled shows on the horizon, they do have plans to see every movie Jeff Goldblum has ever made during Nitehawk’s The Works: Jeff Goldblum series. I learned this while stalking their Facebook profile, which is yet another way to avoid getting hot and sweaty. Just stay in and lurk around online.

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