A monthly MetroCard will cost you $116.50 after 2015’s fare hike

nyc subway
It’s gonna cost a bit more to wait around for your train. via Flickr user Susan Sermoneta

We’ve known for a little while now that MTA fare hikes were coming, but the one thing we didn’t know is how exactly the MTA was going to structure the fare hike. Take it all out on monthly users? Punish the single ride buyers? Eliminate the purchasing bonus? We now know one thing for sure, with the news of the fare hike plans the MTA is discussing: a monthly MetroCard will cost you $116.50. Eventually, it’s going to cost more than your heating bill, but today is not that day.

The news comes courtesy of the Daily News, who spoke to sources who told them the MTA is discussing two fare hike plans. One where the base fare remains $2.50 but the 5% bonus us cut, the other plan raises the base fare to $2.75 but the bonus gets raised to 11%. In both scenarios, weekly MetroCards go up to $31 and monthly cards go up to $116.50.

Of course, you’ll have time to comment on this when the MTA sets the dates for their fare hike hearings in December. While people will probably be angry, there’s also an undercurrent of “Well, it could be worse,” demonstrated by the Straphangers Campaign’s Gene Russianoff applauding the MTA for not mugging riders.


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