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New to the Brokelyn High Homecoming: $1 beers courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery!

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Exciting news! Local brew heroes/Swedish superstars Brooklyn Brewery has decided to get in on the fun by sponsoring our Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance on October 16, to the tune of $1 beers from 7:30pm until we run out! That means not only can you enjoy Scott Rogowsky (of Running Late with Scott Rogowsky), The Hungry March Band, games, prizes, tunes courtesy of DJ Brian Blackout and good times galore, but you can now do it with a $1 beer in your hand!

We’re sitting on a ton of donated beer, and while we plan on looking cool while drinking it, we could definitely use a hand in putting it all away. While the theme is going to be “homecoming dance”, let’s all remember that underage drinking is wrong and illegal, and that overage drinking is fun and the best. Of course, while drinking your insanely cheap beer you can spend your leftover change on some sweet prizes, and possibly come out of the whole party with a profit, which is what we here at Brokelyn are aiming for. The aforementioned prizes are ranging from tattoos to kitchenware to bikes and shuffleboard, so you know if you’re in the raffle, you’re gonna win something great.

This party is shaping up to be a truly awesome experience and a love letter to all of our readers in Brooklyn, so some $1 beer from Brooklyn Brewery is the least we could do to say thank you to our amazing audience (that’s you). So, the question becomes, if you’re reading this site and you’re not interested in cheap beer or free stuff, then how did your priorities get so messed up?

You can buy tickets here for our big crazy party, and be sure to RSVP on Facebook so that cute girl you never asked out in high school knows that there’s a second chance for her to slow-dance.

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