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A statue? A bike? Find out what sweet prizes you can win at Brokelyn High’s Homecoming Dance

I like your sleeves. Let's win a bike.
I like your sleeves. Let’s win a bike.

Not sure about you guys, but the only gifts I ever walked away from a high school dance with was the gift of listening to “Nights in White Satin,” which was our prom song for some reason. So high school dances were probably kinda lame for most of us, but now we’re adults and it’s time to retcon all that history: we’re celebrating Brokelyn’s fifth birthday at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance on Oct. 16 at the Bell House, but we’re giving you the presents. We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the finest things Brooklyn has to offer, including meals, tattoos, shuffleboard, classes and, of course, a BRAND NEW BIKE from Ride Brooklyn! Each prize is worth an average $100 or more. It’s enough to make you earn a varsity letter in “Free Swag.” See the full list below!

You already know we’ll be jamming out to the Hungry March Band, testing your Brooklyn knowledge with a Brooklyn words spelling bee and crowning the gender-neutral homecoming king and queen at a Hot for Teacher dance off, all while host/principal Scott Rogowsky, DJ Brian Blackout and special guest Danny Tamberelli keep an eye on things.

Here’s what you can win in our raffle and games, the proceeds of which go to help support the Brokelyn writers’ fund:

Win this giant naked man statue!
Win this giant naked man statue!

-1 hour lane rental and 4 drinks at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
-A helmet, tune-up and jaunty cycling cap from Bicycle Roots
-A $500 pan (!) from Brooklyn Kitchen
-$100 towards a tattoo at the Brokelyn-approved NYHC Tattoos
-$100 to spend at Film Biz Recycling and a giant naked man statue! (right)
-4 pack of trivia to Triv Works’ next Pat Kiernan trivia night
-A couples vibrator from We-Vibe
-$100 toward classes at the Brooklyn Brainery
-Drink and Draw package from Passenger Bar
-12-class yoga package from Greenhouse Holistic
-$100 to spend at Do or Dine
-Gift pack from Brooklyn Winery
BRIC class package
-Annual membership AND learn the ropes course from Brooklyn Boulders (a $900 value!)
-Messenger bag from Vaya Bags
-Mason shaker set from Mason Shaker
-Haircut, wash and styling for 2 at Headchop
-Double Friends and Movie Buff level membership to BAM
-A $100 gift certificate from Greenlight Bookstore
-A five-class pack (a $120 value) from Byklyn
-A $50 gift certificate and a cookbook from Ample Hills
-and, of course, a brand-new bike from Ride Brooklyn

Plus, don’t forget ShootBooth will be offering up free awkward school dance photos. And more to come! We’ll be announcing more prizes and party updates in the coming days.

So buy your tickets now and RSVP here on Facebook, or forever be left, holding your corsage, walking home alone to the tune of “Nights in White Satin.”

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