Need a job? It’s time to learn to make the doughnuts

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Photo via Flickr's Amanda McCormick.

While your friends are spending their underemployment days learning the intricacies of Excel spreadsheets and half-skim-frappa-mocha-chinos, you could be mastering the arts of donutry. Bed-Stuy shop Dough (home of tastes like the hibuscus, graham cracker cheesecake and lemon poppy donuts) is looking to hire a few good bakers to learn how to make and glaze doughnuts for a part-time position. Pastry chef Beth Costello tells us the job is not difficult and doesn’t require any experience: “You pretty much just get to hang out all day, listen to music and make doughnuts,” she says. The job is between 20-30 hours a week, midday and evening shifts, pays $10 an hour, you get a 35 percent discount at Dough and Choice Market, plus you get to taste doughnuts and French press coffee all day. To apply, email [email protected] Dough is at 448 Franklin Ave.

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  1. Er, accidental post! I can vouch for both the deliciousness of the donuts and the amazing Beth Costello. DO IT!

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