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Need a job? Check out a creative job-seeker seminar in Bushwick today

This could be your life! (via flickr user Earthworm)
This could be your life! (via flickr user Earthworm)

It’s hard out here for a job seeker in the arts, but luckily the Brooklyn Public Library’s got your back. They’re teaming up with Creative Coalitions to host a job seeker’s seminar at the Living Gallery (1094 Broadway) in Bushwick today, and they’re promising to teach creative types and freelancers how to make those sweet dolla dolla bills we often find so elusive.

The event kicks off at 4pm today, and will be hosted by Alexa Orr, the Job Information Resource Librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Bushwick branches. She’ll be doling out tips on interviewing, resume writing, networking and other necessary skills you need to barrel your way into the city’s harsh working world; plus, she’ll give you some pointers on getting ahead with popular creative office programs like MS Office 2010 and Adobe CS programs.

Post-lecture, there’ll be a Q&A, and then an opportunity to mingle with your fellow artists and freelancers – sure, you’re competing for gigs with them, but they’re also your greatest assets when it comes down to the hunt, so don’t go all Jessie Spano on them, and bring your best handshake and a smile, folks.

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