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A free way to date the BK intelligentsia

He slipped a copy of Twilight inside that book.via Hot Guys Reading Books.

Hey sad young literary people: The interns over at n+1, the highbrow literature and culture magazine, launched a personals Tumblr (where else) just for you. The interns read and post submissions from date-seekers at their discretion, PLUS they sort through all inquiries and direct them to the appropriate companion-seeker. It seems like a lot of power to give an unemployed Brown grad over your love life, but it is a free dating service and probably offers a better caliber of folk than OKStupid. (Though here’s hoping there are no mix-ups — I’d hate to see an Alexander Pope fan matched with a John Dennis supporter.)

Ladies, if this guy sounds appealing to you (standard issue North Brooklyn male who hates Cartesian subjectivity and likes girls who blush after accidentally using words like “qua” in polite conversation), start planning your honeymoon in Rimbaud’s birthplace ASAP.

Of course, if you’re like me, you just have to appreciate garlic knots and John Tesh (in the ‘80s).

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  1. Judge me if you will.  Watch as I nonchalantly continue to not care.  But internet personals are the greatest thing to happen to dating since God was kind enough to favor us with her second greatest invention way back in 2469 B.C.:  Booze.  

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