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Sheepshead Bay sandwich eating contest seeks hungry contestants

How many of THESE can you wolf down in 11 minutes?
How many of THESE can you wolf down in 11 minutes?

If humanity is remembered for anything, we hope it’s sandwiches. They’re portable, delicious, doughy, delicious magic that we can only wish we could devote more of our days to. But while no restaurants will reply to our requests to be their sandwich testers, Sheepshead Bites reports one place has heard our call, and recognized our need to make a couple bucks: as part of Sheepshead Sumer Stroll, Jimmy’s Famous Heros (1786 Sheepshead Bay Road) will be having a sandwich eating contest with cash prizes, and they need some eaters to answer the call.

You and 19 other hungry contestants will gorge on Jimmy’s Italian hero, which features mild cappy ham, provolone cheese, and salami. The contest earlier this summer ended in a four-way tie, which is why Jimmy’s needs you to Pac-Man chomp your way through that draw and show everyone who the true hoagie hero is. The first prize winner will get $100 in cash, second will get $50, and third gets $25. Just think of how many sandwiches that can buy! If you want in (and of course you do), just call the store atĀ (718) 648-8001 to register, and then work on your technique. Good luck.

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