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Miss Brooklyn loses weight, wins Miss America

Photo left, courtesy of Brooklyn Papers. Photo right, courtesy of NYDaily News.

We interrupt our Dazed and Confused coverage to inform you that 1) a former Miss Brooklyn was just crowned Miss New York and 2) Mallory Hagan was much curvier two years ago, when she was crowned Miss Brooklyn and talked about becoming a Dove “real beauty” model. Seems like cruel pageant reality bit her in the rump because it looks like she peeled off about 20 pounds (and, by the way, did a reverse-hipster migration from Bedford-Stuyvesant to Park Slope.) Hagan, a junior at FIT, according to the News, advances to the Miss America pageant in January. It’s not often enough that we get to be a crass, superficial, hot-or-not blog, so therefore we must ask: which way is Hagan sexier? Ladies? Fellas?

[via Daily News]


  1. Wow, give the girl a break. Maybe she just wanted to ditch the McDonalds and get healthy, she still has curves! It’s posts like these that make me want to unsubscribe now that it seems Brokelyn has turned into some trashy internet tabloid. You go girl, represent FIT!

    • Did you lift the phrase “trashy internet tabloid” from our media kit? Anyway: 1) It’s Monday 2) She’s Miss New York so she deserves the press 3) We don’t say she looks bad either way. Plus, don’t unsubscribe from Brokelyn because then you might miss our exclusive first interview with Baby Snooki!

  2. earlycuyler77

    She looks WAAAYYY better as a curvy girl! I know is isn’t cool to say since our country is fighting obesity,but she still looks healthy without looking starved.

    • I don’t think that the obesity issue is at play here. That’s really more an issue of nutritional integrity in our food supply versus excess sugar/fat/nonsense ingredients in food that you have to eat way too much of to feel full.
      (btw soda will NOT hydrate you, so do not drink it when “thirsty”)

      If the 2010 version was our ideal, we would have a lot more women who were A. happy with themselves and B. meeting their fitness goals. She is certainly a lot leaner now, but not at all bony. Very nice shape either way.

      Body-image-wise, the country’s fight against obesity needs positive real images of women in order to stand a chance. We will FAIL if we uphold an unrealistic ideal.

      I like this post & think it’s positive. She looks great & has my permission to represent Brooklyn and NY at large.

  3. beezy

    There are many ultra legitimate reasons to lose weight and get fit beyond “skinnier wins pageants” (which, considering she already won with a fuller figure, may not be true), and there are almost zero legitimate reasons to gain weigh.

  4. Mallory

    Hey guys, thanks for the press!! Follow my journey to Miss America at @MissNewYorkMAO. Btw, i’m happy either way. I think I have a fantastic figure!! If you’re looking to get in shape and have fun, you can also join Fitocracy ( and get in shape with me!

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