The smartest man in the world and other weekend plans

He don't look so smart
He don’t look so smart

1. Someone took three movies about Amy Fisher and made them into one (Friday)

2. You can make pretty much any sound with a synthesizer, so who knows what these dudes will come up with (Friday)

3. Get your kid started on the road to nerd-dom early by getting them into chess (Saturday)

4. Get yourself a haircut at a dance party. Just uh, make sure you stay still in the barber’s chair (Saturday)

5. Greg Proops claims to be the smartest man in the world. Watch him prove it, or not (Saturday)

6. Hit up a benefit for an indie rock hairdresser impacted by Sandy (Saturday)

7. Get a taste of summer (even though it hasn’t exactly been cold) at the Mister Sunday Winter Special (Sunday)

8. Celebrate the inauguration a day early with some cheap drinks (Sunday)

9. Babeland blows the lid off this whole “sex” craze people seem to be getting into (Sunday)

10. Presentation Party Night teaches you how to get some on OK Cupid and who Maria Hernandez was, two essential pieces of knowledge for living in Bushwick (Sunday)

11. Watch Girls with a bunch of people you don’t know. And then have sex with one of them, just like your small-screen heroines (Sunday)

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