Mates of State and Late Night Basement finally bring us a song of the fall

There wasn’t really a song of the summer this year, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to go look for a song of the fall or song of the winter. Well, you’d think they wouldn’t, but that’s actually exactly what the Pine Box Rock Shop’s Late Night Basement did, teaming up with the Mates of State to record a whole song paying tribute to some people’s favorite season. “(I’mma) Light Sweater actually does a pretty good job of capturing the fall, what with not being too celebratory but also not being too much of a downer, and hits on all the major themes: pumpkins, how it’s kinda chilly but not really chilly, the days getting shorter, leaf blowers, guys just kinda barfing up leaves and how sweatpants give away your boner. Whether this will reach the heights of say, your “Blurred Lines” or “Time to Pretend,” we don’t know, but it may as well. 

mates of state song of the fall

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