Park Slope/ Prospect Heights

Make your Tuesdays in August less boring

See you next Tuesday at the Tea Lounge!

Problem: Tuesday nights are boring and you’re poor. Solution: the Tea Lounge in Park Slope’s FREE Tuesday night events. Curated by Kerri Doherty of Fucked in Park Slope, the series features everything from beer making story telling. Here’s what in store:

The Laugh Lounge

Tuesday 8/2, 9 pm
NYC improvisers from PIT, UCB, The Magnet and Chicago’s Second City all together under one roof on the first Tuesday of every month. Featured guests will include the Red Tie Mafia, The Andrews Sisters, Rubin, Solomon & Shaw, GIANT and more.
Also: if you’d like to bitch about something, you can join in on the Laugh Lounge’s mid-show “Pet Peeve Forum,” which will generously offer a mic and 5 minutes (THAT’S A LOT!) for you to tell us what gets your goat: The Park Slope parking sitch? Cost of rent? Your neighbor’s yappy dog? Spill your guts to fellow Brooklynites — it’s therapeutic! 

Brooklyn Skillshare Presents: Beer Brewing 101

Tuesday, 8/9, 7:30 pm
See if you have what it takes to brew your own beer at home. The class will include a demonstration of preparing a batch of beer for fermentation. You’ll also learn what equipment is needed, the ingredients, and process involved in brewing your own beer at home. Instruction by Anthony Mohen. 

I Like You, Maude: StorySLAM with Featured Guest Storyteller

Tuesday, 8/16, 7:30 pm
I Like You, Maude is a storytelling open mic akin to other storySLAMS in NYC. Anyone can tell a story on any topic. Just show up, put your name in the hat, and if picked you have five minutes to regale the audience with your tale. The stories must be TRUE and told WITHOUT notes or paper. Don’t worry about having your story memorized! Know the beats of the story, practice it a little and have a good time. Each show will have a featured guest storyteller. This month’s guest is Matt Koff (The Onion News Network, Time Out NY’s “Joke of the Week”) Hosted by Kerri Doherty. 

Gelf Magazine Presents: The Non-Motivational Speaker Series

Tuesday, 8/23,  7:30pm
Food trucks and restaurants — can’t we all just get along? On August 23, the Non-Motivational Speaker Series will host a panel to find out just that. Joining the discussion will be David Weber, head of the NYC Food Trucks Association and owner of the Rickshaw Dumpling cart and Rickshaw Dumpling bar; Kate Collignon, adjunct professor of urban planning at NYU and principal at public policy firm HR&A; and Irene LoRe, head of the 5th Avenue Business Improvement District and owner of Aunt Suzie’s.

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