Make (up) history and 20 other free things to do in Brooklyn this week

bluto animal house
“I’m telling you guys, it was the Germans who bombed Pear Harbor!” Bluto would have been perfect for “Bullshit History”

1. Spike Hill’s “Game Night” is celebrating two years of providing laughs and being more fun than a barrel of monkeys (the game and hypothetical idea of stuffing a barrel full of monkeys) (Monday)

2. Nitehawk’s Simpsons Club is showing the first half of the famous “Who Killed Mr. Burns?” two-parter. If you somehow still don’t know, you can try to play along with the mystery! (Monday)

3. Williamsburg bar The Exley is beginning their Twin Peaks screenings, the show that proves that yes, someone actually gave David Lynch money to make a network TV show. Plus, free doughnuts and David Lynch burlesque (Tuesday)

4. Satirical reading series Animal Farm has asked its readers to dredge up some repressed memories for the holidays and share them with you, so you can feel better about your own secret shame (Tuesday)

5. The People’s Republic of Brooklyn has a new comedy night, called Manifesto!, keeping on theme with the bar’s red-tinted name (Tuesday)

6. Backfat, the variety show with the extra bit of jiggle to it, is going all storytelling for its next show, including one from Whitney Collins, an 18-time winner of the Moth Story Slam. Wonder if she gets tired of winning… (Tuesday)

7. Bullshit History is back at Freddy’s and ready for your dubious but factual-sounding tales of history that will amaze, obfuscate and possibly enlighten (Tuesday)

8. Did YOU waste at least a year in high school obsessing over Pokemon? Turn your nerdy, shameful past into a fat bar tab by winning The Trash Bar’s Pokemon trivia (Wednesday)

9. Ben Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas sits down with 100 Ways to Improve the Subway creator Randy Gregory II in the latest edition of Problem Solver, at the Transit Museum (Wednesday)

10. The Middle Finger Book and Notes to Girls: 8 Letters That Were Not To You are two picture-heavy zines about infatuation and young love that are being celebrated in one party, so go feel some feelings (Wednesday)

11. Get an expert lesson in graffiti at the release party for The Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti, so that the next time Banksy comes here you can back up hating on him with academic precision (Wednesday)

12. The Secret Science Club is convening at The Bell House to teach…something. Maybe this is week they’re finally replicating the experimental science from The Re-Animator (Wednesday)

13. Cobble Hill restaurant Hunter’s is celebrating one year of existence with free champagne, cake and “surprises.” Hopefully one of the surprises is “more champagne.” (Wednesday)

14. Learn about pre-revolutionary avant-garde Iranian art at the book release of Iran Modern, because holy shit, how smart will you sound talking about that on a date? (Thursday)

15. Attend a talk about Richard Pryor and how funny and revolutionary he was, because you could always use a reminder of that (Thursday)

16. Low Standards is a comedy show for you, the person who’s slept with that guy with the horrible mustache, but still want the jokes you hear to actually be funny (Thursday)

17. Dance your face off at Pat 7, the JD Samson-hosted dance party that’s taking over the entirety of Union Pool. Then find your face and eat some tacos (Thursday)

18. The skittish, rarely seen comedy show Get It Out There pops its head up at BAMCafe to provide some laughs, before dashing back into the brush (Thursday)

19. Comedian Tim Federle spent months making literary cocktails for his book Tequila Mockingbird, and even if you think that’s a ridiculous pun, keep it to yourself until after having a free cocktail at the book’s release party at WORD (Friday)

20. Late Night Basement welcomes Jason Zimbler, better known as Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All. Now that he’s older, we bet he has plenty of things he can explain as well (Friday)

21. The Community Bookstore is helping put the FUN in “reading is fundamental” as writers tell jokes and stories and drunkenly talk their favorite books, at the show Two Book Minimum (Friday)

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