How would you improve the subway? Someone’s got 100 ideas

Stairway to heaven. via Improve Subway
Stairway to heaven. via Improve Subway

We all love the subway, even (especially?) the G train. Despite that, we all know that it could use a few improvements, especially since it’s not going to be getting any cheaper anytime soon. Where do you even start though? Designer and all around curious cat Randy Gregory has decided to start all at once, and suggest 100 improvements that he thinks can be made to the subway system, from the stairway lights above to solar panels on outdoor stations, and he’s sharing it on his tumblr, 100 Improvements to the New York Subway.

It works pretty simply. Each day, Gregory has been adding another suggested improvement, and summarizing why he thinks it would be a good idea. “Parallel Signage” for instance, would allow people to see what station they’re in more effectively, while he suggests either door locks on cars or actual floors and walls between cars to make it safe to move between them.

Currently, Gregory is up to number 60, with the hope that when he’s done, he’ll have started a public dialog and can somehow get his ideas in front of MTA decision makers. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have bathrooms you can get into with a Metrocard.

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