Make a six-second film, win $600 from Tribeca Film Festival

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Make a film that you can watch faster than you can say its name. Via Tribeca Film Festival.

Ever wanted to participate in the Tribeca Film Festival, but never had time to produce one of those pesky full-length films? There’s an app for that. This year the Festival is introducing the Vine Competition, an online forum for micro-films. And, if you can show that you’ve got the chops, it could put $600 dollars in your pocket.

This year will be the fourth year that Tribeca features an online festival, bringing the films to those who can’t make it into the city. And now those who are ready for some meta-involvement can take it a step further with the #6SECFILMS Vine Competition, which will take films from those who couldn’t make it into the festival and broadcast them to others who likewise could not make it.

To make things all the more accessible, the competition also has an app for all you aspiring micro-moviemakers who feel like you can tell a story in, yes you guessed it, six seconds. The guidelines otherwise are pretty loose, though we don’t know how much you can actually stray in such a short period of time. Competitors can participate in one of four hashtagged categories, #genre, #auteur, #animate, and #series. Submissions close on April 7 at midnight and will become viewable on April 17.

Results will be announced April 27, and winners can maybe use that $600 to invest in a real Brooklyn film education.

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