Make a death promise and 11 other ways to spend your weekend

1. Think your landlord is bad? Midnight movie Death Promise is here to remind you that they used to be so bad that “landlord just cold murdering their tenants” was a common movie trope. (Friday)

2. Launchpad is showcasing short films from city filmmakers, but don’t get too comfortable, because it’s followed by an interstellar dance party. Which is zero gravity maybe somehow? (Friday)

3. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about the free Real Estate show, or your friends are going to be all, “That show was amazing and we all got thousand dollar bills just for showing up!” (Friday)

4. It’s Christmas movie weekend at BBQ Films, with your choice of Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas or Gremlins. Go with Gremlins, Gremlins is the BEST. (Friday, Saturday)

5. It’s a good old-fashioned bake sale! Well, maybe not that old-fashioned, our parents used to sell hash cookies at their school bake sales. (Saturday)

6. A vegan pop-up pops in to the Pine Box Rock Shop, so go, eat, eat! (Saturday)

7. A youth marathon reading should give you some hope for the future, or make you sad that kids are still trying to be writers. One of the two. (Saturday)

8. Go make your voice heard, erm, read, at TAGGINGBrooklyn. (Saturday)

9. It’s a free book launch party, and you know what that means? Free beer! But also, a book about sign painters sounds pretty interesting. (Saturday)

10. Roberta’s is having their holiday market, so you can be sure there’ll be something insane like Santa doing doughnuts on a snowmobile. (Sunday)

11. It’s Zebulon’s closing night and Kyp Malone from TV on The Radio will be there to remind you what a sad occasion it is. (Sunday)

12. Sure you can skip this benefit for animals affected by Sandy, but then you might miss Michael Showalter doing an “arts and farts and crafts” bit and then you’ll be sad. :( (Sunday)

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