Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks returning to East River

east river fireworks
We should celebrate with a fireworks show! via Flickr user Crashworks

For the last two years, this blog has been part of the crusade against Macy’s for their decision to move their Fourth of July fireworks show to the Hudson River. And with tempetatures starting to rise, we figured our anger would too this year, but now we can rest easy because Mayor de Blasio confirmed to the Daily News that he’d convinced Macy’s to bring their Fourth of July fireworks back to the East River where they belong. Score one for Mayor Tall.

The story doesn’t make mention of how exactly de Blasio got Macy’s to change their mind, so we’re just going to pretend he took our advice from last year to threaten to come down hard on Macy’s. Either way, today at 2pm, Mayor “Red” Bill de Blasio is supposed to announce the deal to bring the fireworks back for this year, although it sounds like we’ll have to share with Jersey in future years. The fireworks barges will stretch from the Manhattan Bridge down to the harbor, and some fireworks will even be set off from the top Brooklyn Bridge itself.

So, start camping out on the East River down by the Brooklyn Bridge Park now, or make up with that friend of yours who has a sweet roof in DUMBO. So he slept with your girlfriend like a dozen times. Do you want an awesome view of the fireworks or not?

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