Rage, rage against the dying of the fireworks

Do not go gently into that good Hudson.

As Gothamist says today, just because it’s July 17 already doesn’t mean we should forget how Macy’s has been dicking over most of the five boroughs with its Fourth of July fireworks displays for the past few years while giving a nice little reach-around to New Jersey. So Macy’s seems set on keeping the fireworks display in the Hudson each year, where Brooklyn and lots of other people can barely see them, instead of the East River, where everyone can watch them. But lest you think that all the grumbling is limited to just you and your friends on a rooftop in Park Slope, know that there are actual government officials fighting on your side on this one. Our public advocate, state senator and borough president are collecting digital signatures on a petition to try to reclaim the fireworks, and you can still sign it!

Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio, state Senator Daniel Squadron and Borough President Marty Markowitz are trying to convince Macy’s that the “4.7 million residents from Brooklyn and Queens shouldn’t be left in the dark.”

Better idea? Let’s move the Thanksgiving day parade to Flatbush Avenue until the fireworks return!

For a breakdown of where the signatures are coming from, check here.

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