Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Luna Park is getting rid of the Boardwalk Flight ride

boardwalk flight coney island
If you missed doing this, you missed it for good. via Luna Park Flickr

Just because it was supposed to snow last night doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about summer and Coney Island rides. If anything, we should talk about them more. Except in this case, we have news that’s a bummer, as Sheepshead Bites revealed that Luna Park is getting rid of the Boardwalk Flight, the ride that strapped you in a vest connected to a wire and then dropped you from 110 feet while slinging you over the boardwalk. It was fun, to say the least.

There was no obvious reason for Luna Park ditching the ride, with a theme park rep telling Sheepshead Bites that they’re just there’ll be new rides in 2015. In the absence of a reason being given, we’re relatively confident that some second grader is making up a story to tell his friends about how it went wrong and someone just got dropped right into the ground once.

Obviously the ride is way too new for us to have any kind of nostalgia over it being dismantled, it’s just a bummer because it was fun, like a combination of bungee jumping and being shot out of a cannon. Or at least what we imagine both of those to be, we haven’t experienced either. So, this summer unlike last summer, if you see someone floating above the boardwalk, something is definitely going wrong.

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