Finally, a reason to pay attention to LinkedIn: you’ll get laid

Take it to a Howard Johnson's, you two
Take it to a Howard Johnson’s, you two

LinkedIn. The question has been asked here before: does anyone use the networking network? Responses varied, but popular opinion regarding it seems to be that it’s exhausting to delete invitations from strangers who just seem to go around inviting anyone they come across to their network. But what if networking was more like net-twerking? Well, now it can be, because BangWithProfessionals is a real app that will find you sex through LinkedIn.

If this sounds gross familiar, it should: it appears to be closely modeled after, if not actually designed by, the people behind awkward encounter-generator BangWithFriends. It works the same way too. Instead of linking with your Facebook account, this one links with your LinkedIn profile. You select people you would gently make love with at a Holiday Inn in a suburban strip  mall and wait. Then if they use the app and select you, you’re both notified of your mutual interest and get to set up a bang sesh. Or be really awkward around each other, we don’t know.

It all sounds sexy and ridiculous, but it does give us pause. Obviously there’s going to be a Twitter version of this coming up soon, and then maybe even a MySpace or a Brokelyn commenter edition. Is the future of sex in our internet age just signing up for services that allow you to anonymously mark off who you like in your social networks and then waiting around for them to pick you? Is the Times actually going to be right about a trend piece for once? Both of those questions being answered “Yes” is horrifying to consider.


  1. eric_silver

    ha, yes, hopefully we get around to that burgeoning new frontier of MySpace. For the porn stars and bands who are a little too shy to be so forward.

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