London’s mayor: Bike Share will ‘civilize’ New York

Boris Johnson rides a bike, via the Guardian.

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson (who looks … quite British) sat down for an interview with WNYC’s Leonard Lopate today and had this to say about NYC’s largest-in-the-world bike share program, launching in July. Johnson then described how London’s bikeshare program has transformed street life in Great Britain’s capital city, and what New Yorkers should brace for.

Johnson: I think drivers have got to learn to recognize they are going to find bikes on the streets. It’s just a fact of life, and it will civilize the place. It will improve the atmosphere. There’s nothing more immediately redolent of a village than loads of people wobbling around on bicycles.

A village?? Is that like some kind of fancy suburb, Boris?


  1. conaldarcy

    As a (drunk) native-born Brooklynite said to me recently: “The mayor’s trying to change this city into f_cking Bejing!”

    Of course, he might have been referring to the extreme wealth disparity and overcrowding, not bicycles.

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