Live your (internet) radio dreams thanks to Radio Bushwick

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This guy did it and he got all the chicks

Fancy yourself the next Howard Stern or Glenn Beck (he’s enormously successful). Ordinarily you’d have to do something like go to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting or podcast into the void as no one listened. But a new bar/internet radio station could be the key to unleashing your destiny as Brooklyn’s king of drive time, because they’ve got an internet radio station with slots to fill.

Radio Bushwick is an internet radio station headquartered on Wyckoff Avenue that will eventually stream content 24 hours a day. The station will start broadcasting in November, out of the bar Radio, which is slated to open in October. And sure, another bar in Bushwick isn’t something to do parkour flips over, but the idea of that bar also coming with the chance to get your voice out there is pretty exciting.

The owner of the venue, Tari Sunkin, told DNA Info that the station is looking for an eclectic group of radio programming, from comedy to musical acts to plays to poetry. Nothing in there about bombastic, red-faced sports talk radio, but we’ve got good news. We asked Sunkin if you needed previous radio or podcasting experience, and she said that you don’t. Just record an example of what you want to do and send it to radiobushwick [at], and she’ll see it if fits. So you can finally bring back your college radio station that only 12 people listened to, or unravel Progressive conspiracies live on the air. And the best part is that since this is the internet, you can use swear words without fearing the hammer of the FCC.

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  1. has been broadcasting live in Bushwick for 3 yrs, featuring shows from local bloggers (Gimmie Tinnitus), bands (The Drums), venues (Shea Stadium), labels (Cascine), etc.

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