Live out your DIY fantasies at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair

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You’re tired of the same old stuff in your apartment and your Pinterest board is so full of promise, but think about it. As great as DIY sounds, your feeble attempts never looks like the photos. Might as well save yourself the glue headache and leave it to the crafting professionals. Fortunately, there will be a whole street full of them at the free Renegade Craft Fair (50 Kent) September 13 and 14.

If a craft show turned block party with awesome food sounds like your thing, you’ll feel right at home – that is if your home’s filled with trendy art prints and handmade jewelry. Just show up next weekend between 11am-6pm for DJ’s, portraits, ice cream, a photo booth, and of course over 250 independent Makers selling clothing, accessories, ceramics, furniture, soap, and anything else you can think of. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even attend a workshop.

In case you’re still skeptical (although we don’t know why you would be), the Renegade Craft Fair is sponsored by the crafting queen herself, Martha Stewart (well, Martha Stewart Living anyway). That’s right, the Brooklyn Flea-visiting Martha Stewart says this fair has her approval. Your apartment is going to look amazing once this fair is through with you.

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