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Like it or spike it? Wearable plants

Today we introduce a new feature called “Like it or Spike It?” Here, we invite your opinion on deeply pertinent issues and controversies of the day. Kicking off today’s edition is wearable plants. The practice of wearing a flower pot around your neck does seem to be on the rise, however unscientific the data. (leeerrv) this week is featuring two different plant necklace sales, and, well, when was the last time they did that? You can buy a cactus in a little bell jar from a company called GemSprouts, and an assortment of potted foliage from Wearable Planter. But does a bit of flora about the neck make for attractive jewelry?

I’m not so sure. It’s hardly the worst thing you could turn into necklace, but I can totally imagine the gal who would just die over these things. She uses cloth toilet paper and composts finger nail clippings and has a home purifier that pumps out organic air. She really loves nature and wants you to know it. But these necklaces may present maintenance challenges such as the need for watering, weeding and positioning yourself to be in indirect sunlight at all times. And what’s to keep a slug from creeping out onto your collarbone? Maybe, unlike me, you really dig this look. What do say — like it or spike it?



  1. RachelD

    Meh, I can’t keep a plant alive in my kitchen, why would I want dead twigs/moldy fungi dangling around my neck? My luck it would have some kind of weird stench. Plus it reminds me of the uber granola hippies at college who chained themselves to trees in the quad and preached about meat being murder blah blah blah. I don’t need to see your lunch around your neck honey. Spike it.

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